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Fast Five: Prop Shopping

Hi , hey, hello! Today on Fast Five, we’re going to talk about props: what to use, and where to buy! I’m going to have a few higher-end items but mostly some bargain basement low prices. Buckle up and get in readers, we’re going shopping!

Get In Loser, We're Going Shopping – Harebrained
  1. Goodwill

Honestly, it doesn’t get much cheaper than the GW. I have found many a prop at local Goodwill store…you just gotta go in with an open mind, but with a basic idea of what you’re looking for.

Any Goodwill will have waaaay too many glasses, baskets, and picture frames….these can all work to your advantage! Are you wanting to do a set-up (or have theme) of renaissance excellence: the fancy glasses and delicate tea cups? Grab $10 and hit up Goodwill. Wanting something rustic and outdoorsy? There’s wreaths, picnic baskets, flower baskets, I once saw a Moses basket at a Goodwill! I should have gotten it but….regrets are for another day. You can also find random objects that will spark inspiration. I bought a lamp that I thought looked really cool, and after some physical labor from my husband, I ended up with this…

Tah-dah! A marvelous background item 🙂

Dollar Store(s)

Have a few extra bucks lying around? Time to visit the dollar store. I love flowers, but I can’t keep any alive….enter Dollar Store USA! Each store franchise carries different flowers and they’re all of differing quality. However, a good fake flower can put. in. work, if you do it right. See the photo below? Dollar storeee for the wiiin

Image courtesy of


A step up price wise, but still not digging too deeply in your fun money is Target. Known for having Starbucks in their stores and being *perfectly* priced, Target is a prop heaven! From gardening items, to lawn gnomes, Christmas ornaments, and all sorts of things in between, you gotta explore further than the clothing racks. Justlikegilmoregirls started a trend a few years back of staging photos in Target and the results are top-notch content.

Image courtesy of
Memes That Are Perfect For Those Who Love Shopping At Target

Bonus: Makers

Oh yes. Makers. People on Instagram and Etsy! There are some seriously talented humans out there making some really cool stuff that you can use as props. Whimsy Mug Topsies makes gorgeous mug toppers and cute little plaster macaroons! There are tons of shops that make pins and prints that are fandom themed, and generally bookish as well! My IRL buddyfriend and leetle seester, Whit, owns and operates The Enchanted Bookshop where she designs, produces, and sells pins, bookmarks, and the occasional coffee mug!

Image courtesy of


In my opinion, this is the most expensive of all of the in-person shopping options…but worth every penny. I have 2 wooden palates, one dark and one light, that I’ve purchased from Michael’s and their yarn aisle funded my giant knitting adventure I was on for a month or so. My dear friend thepagemistress has a string of wooden beads that can be made using materials from Michael’s.


Ahh yes. The big one. The smile company has pretty much any and everything you can imagine. You want a tarp, got ’em. Cool backdrop? Got those too. My IRL buddyfriend L, got me a super wicked awesome genie lamp from the smile corp. It was about $20, so double win!

Found at Amazon

So, how about you? Do you have any favorite places to shop for props or any favorite props? Let me know, I am in the market for some cool new stuff!

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