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Let’s Talk Lingo

Ahh yes. Welcome back to another Fast Five! I took a few weeks off from this series to post some blog tours I was a part of but I have gotten more questions and I’m here with (my personal) answers. By no means are these “The Rules”, just what I do.

Today, we’re taking lingo. Language. Words and sounds. What do all those weird abbreviations you see mean?!

1. MC — main character. This is the main girl or guy of the book you’re reading!

2. DNF — Did Not Finish. This is a book one chose to stop reading before the last page. Everyone has their own reasons for stopping a read, each is equally valid. I did a while post about why I personally DNF books. Check it out here.

3. YA — Young Adult. The genre I read most. By no means is it just for kids…I’m 24 and I don’t plan on cashing in my YA card anytime soon!

4. A great deal of book titles are abbreviated. With those ones, you’ll just have to use your best guess lol

5. Susirbusisgejqisheb (Or any other combo of nonsense letters) — Broken Brain. Usually occurs when a book is so good (or bad) or the author has put in a twist so severe that you are unable to process it.

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