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Remember a few months ago when I told you I’ve got some fun stuff coming up? ITS NOW. Tuesday, you’ll see 2 posts: one from myself and one from one of my colleagues here at CBO. We’re both on separate blog tours and the books we’ll be sharing are sure to be a fun time! One is a mystery and the other a contemporary.

“How’d you get on a blog tour?” “What is a blog tour?”

There are touring companies (I know of a few) that work mostly with bookstagram, but encourage you to post on a blog if you have one. And then, there’s the other side, which is how I think both of us ended up with stops: the publishers! I requested the book I’ll be showcasing Tuesday from the publisher as a review copy. They were gracious enough to not only provide me with an eARC, but ask me to join the tour! Of course I accepted faster than my fingers could type out a response.

A blog tour, at its base, is a way to boost publicity for a book or author. Various people with blogs are asked (or selected) to post about a book on their respective blog to boost awareness for the book! Sometime people can do Q&A with the author, but those are more rare and take a bit more planning on both ends. Just like anything else you receive from a publisher, always send a thank you via email!

Most publishers will also request that you send them a link to the blog once it’s live…cool! Slap it into that thank you email and send it on off! So yeah. Be on the look out this week for TWO cool bookish posts! (Edit: my post is here at my site, and the second can be found at

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