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Looking Ahead!

Hello friends! Welcome to my new home! I have some fun content coming soon, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Blog tours I’ve booked! (in order of appearance)
    • Wings of Ebony (Feb.)
    • Crave/Crush/Covet (March)
    • Sing me Forgotten (March)
    • A Better Bad Idea (March)

I’m also going to be posting new content to my Fast Five series!

  • Props!
    • Good places to shop
    • Ways to use things you already have!
    • Finding your “look”
  • Blog Tours
    • How to apply
    • When to apply
    • What to apply for
    • What to do once you’ve been selected
    • What to do if you aren’t selected

….and much more! What post (or posts) are you most excited for? Personally, I’m S U P E R pumped to read and review Covet but…that’s just me 😉

Published by stacialovestoread

I’m a firsttime blogger and a lifelong reader. Join my journey here, and on my bookstagram @stacialovestoread!

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