Seton Girls (ARC) (Review)

The Seton Girls know what’s up! (From the front to the back) Yeah, we know what’s up! (From the left to the right) Yeah, we know what’s up! Because we’re Seton, and the Seton Girls know what’s up! Aaayyyyeee Seton Girls cheer, pg. 198, uncorrected ARC edition This book does contain some potentially triggering topicsContinue reading “Seton Girls (ARC) (Review)”

The Undead Truth of Us (ARC) (Review)

Yello’! I bring you good tidings from summer in the midwest also known as Satan’s front porch. To cool down on during this massive heat wave, I’ve been listening to some kewl jamz and reading books from the comfort of my A/C. Today’s bop is “Dangerously” by Charlie Puth. Definitely an underrated artist with amazingContinue reading “The Undead Truth of Us (ARC) (Review)”

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