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The Honeys (ARC) (Review)

Buzz buzz! Welcome to another (very sporadic) post from yours truly! Today we’re looking at Ryan La Sala’s third novel The Honeys! This beautiful flowered cover gives big Midsommar vibes, and the fact that all the scaries happen in the daytime matches that feeling as well. A fun yet sinister song for todays read is “Tip Toe Thru’ the Tulips With Me” by Tiny Tim. It’s creepy…yet beautiful, just like this book.

This book does contain some potentially triggering topics such as but not limited to: blood, gore, recounted death of family member, suicide of a character, gaslighting, homophobia and others. Please take care of yourself before reading this or any other novel, beloved.

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Isn’t the stylized photo I did for this book pretty? I wanted to keep the beauty of the flowers and show that there’s also something sinister hidden within. Y’all see the bones? 🚩🚩🚩

Our novel stars Marshall “Mars” Matthias. They’re a gender fluid person who is trying to get to the bottom of their sister’s bizarre behavior that ultimately lead to her ending her own life. It seems that all roads lead to Aspen, a summer camp for children of the wealthy. Mars tells his parents he wants to go back and finish out the summer in his sister’s place to feel closer to her (and investigate). Mars was a camper at Aspen as a child, but ended up getting sent home for…something.

Mars knows that Caroline, his twin sister, was a member of the exclusive elusive girls’ club at Aspen known as the Honeys. The Honeys stay in cabin H, which is super far from the rest of the camp and they all learn apiculture (taking care of bees) over the summer.

Without giving away too much of the story, Mars finds himself in some situations that honestly had me looking to the camera, Jim from the Office style like…

Mars eventually gets wrapped up in the sticky web that’s been being weaved by [redacted] and has to figure out how to survive what turns out to be the deadliest summer in their life.

The Honeys is Ryan La Sala’s third novel and is set for release on August 2nd from Push, a division of Scholastic Publishing. If you’d like to purchase your own copy to read, you can use my affiliate link to Bookshop or visit any of your favorite retailers.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and participation in this promotional tour. Receiving these materials in no way impacted my review of this book.


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