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The Witchery (ARC) (Review)

Welcome to another sporadic review from yours truly! Today we are looking at a POWERHOUSE debut by S. Isabelle. The Witchery is set to release July 26th, so be sure to add this title to your carts and watchlists! I gave you guys a song I’ve loved forever is “off the table” by Ariana Grande & The Weeknd. You can listen to it here!

TW for this upcoming title include: self-harm, blood, violence, gore, death of a parent, and body horror. Please consider yourself and your mental status before reading this book.

Image from me!

If you’re ready to rock, I’m ready to talk! Lets introduce our players, shall we?

The Players

Logan — the Proxy
Logan hails from across the border in Canadaland and her Pull (specialty) has manifested itself as the ability to proxy. She’s a freshman at Mesmortes Coven Academy and secretly (and sometimes outwardly) hates being a witch. Her family are all all-star witches and she can’t even seem to do the spell to sweep a floor properly. Logan loves strawberry fraps.

Thalia — the Greenwitch
You have a green thumb? Try having a connection so deep with the earth you can make trees literally spring from the ground in a protective formation. Thalia has a secret to hide, one that could change the way that her friends see her if it ever were to get out. Maverick, her familiar, lives with her in a secluded cabin on the edge of the woods.

Jailah — the Archery Queen Extraordinaire
Jailah is an exemplary witch. Her witchery is powerful beyond her years, she’s got unmatched skills with a bow, and she’s helpful to underclassmen struggling with their spells. In the past, Jai’s ex-girlfriend got drunk with power, and it seems that the same craving for power that cause Vero to be banned from witchdom has found a home in Jailah too.

Iris — the Deathwitch
Commonly referred to as a necromancer, Iris prefers to be called a Deathwitch. She can hear the laments of souls longing to be rested. A powerful witchery user in her own right, Iris is always stronger with her girls nearby.

A boy from the mundane school across the hill. He’s got a strangeness about him that ties him, Trent, and the girls together.

Mathew’s roommate at Hammersmitt School. He likes to play with fire, and Thalia is hot hot hot.

The Game

Every year, there’s a two to three month time period of death in the town of Haelsford where mystical wolves descend upon the town and kill any who dare to wander close to the Swamp where they live. Thalia, Jailah, and Iris are tired of seeing their fellow witches and the town’s mundane citizens killed. This year will be different. This year will be the last year of the Haunting. Others have tried in years past, but they can never seem to pull it off. Because they’ve all been missing something or rather, someone.

Logan. She is the anchor. She is proxy, a rare magical gift, even among witchery standards. As a proxy, she can stand in place of any needed item for witchery’s sake: a missing ingredient, a missing magical power, a missing person, even….

But we need more power. Even with Logan in place of the missing ingredients, the girls aren’t strong enough. Wouldn’t it be great if the boys had a magic item that amplified one’s power.

The Review

Two thumbs waaaaay up from me! The magic system is unique and the main characters are beyond likable…I saw myself in Logan’s feeling of not belonging, Thalia’s religious upbringing, Jai’s willingness to help those in need and Iris’s ambition. Of course, this is a story, and there is always an evil force that wants to stop the good guys. But who will win?

Photo credits: Amanda Smith Photography.

Sophie Isabelle is a reader, writer, and hoarder of books.
After earning a Master’s degree in library science, she took that love of reading to youth librarianship. Her short story “Break” was featured in the anthology Foreshadow: Stories to Celebrate the Magic of Reading & Writing YA.
The Witchery is her debut young adult novel. When she isn’t throwing books at teenagers, you can find her binge-watching TV shows, drinking heavily-sweetened coffee, or stressing over baseball.

Big huge thanks to Scholastic for sending me an ARC to read and review! Receiving these materials in no way impacted my review. If you’d like to purchase a copy for yourself, please visit where the author has links to various book selling outlets!

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4 thoughts on “The Witchery (ARC) (Review)

  1. This was one of my fave reads for 2022! Loved how witchy it was! Spells and monsters! And I loved the over confidence of them thinking that they’d rid the town of a decades old curse.


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