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Simone Breaks All the Rules (ARC) (Review)

Hey, hi, hello! Today I’m featuring a recent release as a part of HearOurVoices’ tour for Simone Breaks All the Rules! This review is going to be super different from normal in that I will be sharing my opinions through the internet’s greatest form of art: the gif. I will also use words at the end to wrap up my final thoughts, so no need to fear.

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So just opening the book up…I was like:

Meme Drop - Meme
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But then Simone started talking about the struggles of being Haitian/having very traditional Haitian parents and, while I am not Haitian nor 1st gen-American, I was like:

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When the HomeGirls decided to devise the Playlist so they could tick some things off their bucket lists before graduation I felt:

…because if you’re like me, Simone, and the rest of the squad and are the child of strict parents, you know exactly how this is all gonna end:

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But. The HomeGirls persisted. And at some point, Kira Airdrops the Playlist to the rest of the girl so they can all have a record of it and I was just:

…because Murphy’s Law is very real, and strikes at the least oprotune times…

However, as the story progressed, I found myself celebrating with the HomeGirls with each tick off the list. Simone Breaks All the Rules is truly a book for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, or like they just don’t quite fit in.

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Debbie Riguad is the author of Simone Breaks All the Rules. A Jersey-girl at heart, Debbie now lives in Columbus, OH with her husband and their two children and family doggo. To learn more about Ms. Rigaud and what she’s up to, visit her online at To purchase your own copy of Simone Breaks All the Rules, you can use my Bookshop affiliate link, or any other bookseller. Simone was released on June 1 from Scholastic Publishing.

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