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Covet (Review) (Spoiler-Free)

Welcome back to another review! Today I’m reviewing the third installment in Tracy Wolff’s Crave series. I also did a decent break down of the first two books Crave and Crush, so be sure to read those reviews before you read this one! Seeing as this book has just released within the past month or so, this will be a SPOILER FREE REVIEW.

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I may have reached my breaking point.
As if trying to graduate from a school for supernaturals isn’t stressful enough, my relationship status has gone from complicated to a straight-up dumpster fire.
Oh, and the Bloodletter has decided to drop a bomb of epic proportions on us all..
Then again, when has anything at Katmere Academy not been intense?
And the hits just keep coming. Jaxon’s turned colder than an Alaskan winter. The Circle is splintered over my upcoming coronation. As if things couldn’t get worse, now there’s an arrest warrant for Hudson’s and my supposed crimes—which apparently means a lifetime prison sentence with a deadly unbreakable curse.
Choices will have to be made…and I fear not everyone will survive.

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We pick up with our squad at Katmere Academy. Grace has missed so much school (saving the world is a task) that she’s gotta jump through hoops while on fire just to have a chance of passing senior year and graduating. The last words we remember hearing from Crush were from Hudson “I’d appreciate it if you’d take your hands off my mate.” So Grace has to navigate being in a relationship with Jaxon while simultaneously being mated to Hudson. Its all very Vampire Diaries, season 2 where the v v British Hudson is Damon (obviously) and Jaxon’s constant angst casts him as Stefan.

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Macy is a shell of her former sunshiney self, but who wouldn’t be: the boy she was dating and was very much into, Xavier, was killed and that’s not something one gets over easily. The school is holding a memorial service in his honor, and Macy has to drag herself through the motions of pretending everything is okay.

After having spent at least a month with Hudson in her head, and a bit longer with Jaxon, she’s decided that she wants to break her mating bond (again) so she can be with Jaxon again. But, to do this, we have to make a trip to the Bloodletter: J’s pseudo/foster mother and a scary af vampire.

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Pause. I feel like now is the time to state that I am very firmly #TeamHudson for reasons. I can’t go into the specifics of why I am president, founder, CEO, and sole member of the Humans for Hudson Vega Fan Club, but after you read the book, perhaps you’ll enlist too!

Covet has our crew, sans Macy — a junior, in their senior year of high school. Hudson is wanted by his father, Cyrus, the Vampire King, for crimes he’s committed and lives he’s ended. Hudson claims to have turned over a new leaf, but Cyrus isn’t hearing it: he wants blood, and he will get it. Hudson is untouchable for the time being as he is enrolled at Katmere as a student…but graduation is in just a few months, and then its open season.

Adventure, death, the bonds of love and friendship are tested in this high-stakes installment. Who will Grace choose, Jaxon or Hudson? Will everyone live? Does Cyrus get his wish and have Hudson arrested?

Overall, I enjoyed Covet. I liked the way the story gave Grace more of a voice, and made her more powerful as a person. Hudson works through some trauma with Grace’s help, and new alliances are formed.

The closing book to this series Court is set for release in September 2021 from Entangled Teen Publishing. I can’t wait to see Grace (hopefully) be crowned Gargoyle Queen, set up her court, and stick it to Cyrus!

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New York Times Best Selling author Tracy Wolff is a lover of vampires, dragons, and all things that go bump in the night. A onetime English professor, she now devoted all her time to writing dark and romantic stories with tortured heroes and kick-butt heroines. She has written all of her sixty-plus novels from her home in Austin, Texas, which she shares with her family. For more about Tracy’s books and to see what she’s up to, visit or find her on Instagram at tracywolffbooks!


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