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All That Glitters / Everything That Burns by Gita Trelease (ARC)

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Hope you guys have your seat belts fastened because for the first time ever in STLR history, I am reviewing TWO books at once! All That Glitters was released in 2019, originally under the title of Enchantee‘, and the follow up book Everything That Burns (announced under the title of Liberte’) just released! This is going to be a first-time-ever double review adventure, so hold on tight!

All That Glitters (Enchantee’)

I originally read an ARC of this book back in 2019 when it published. I did a reread to prepare me for the sequel and help familiarized myself with the world or pre-revolution France.

Camille is the middle of 3 children who have lost their parents and are struggling to make it by. The oldest sibling, a brother, is in the army, but he’s got two addictions that are hard to kick, and keep the family on the verge of being evicted: gambling and alcohol. Camille takes it upon herself to try and make extra money for the household by scamming sellers using fake coins and getting real coins as change with purchases. It’s all fine and dandy..unless someone finds out.

Filled with magic and history and gorgeous imagery, Everything That Glitters toes the line between fantasy and historical fiction. It tends to get a bit wordy at times, so be prepared to really hunker down with this one.

Everything That Burns (Liberte’)

Camille is back and her magic is even stronger. She’s risen above her situation and now lives a comfortable life in Paris. The only thing holding Camille back from feeling fulfilled is the injustices that women face in society.

Poor women, beggar women, the girls who sell flowers, and the girls who sell themselves for company for the highest bidder are living in conditions even more destitute than before as (unknown to them, of course) the French Revolution looms on the horizon. Taxes are going up, wages are going down, and the royals don’t seem to care that their people are dying. Something’s gotta give.

Everything That Burns definitely has less of the magical fantastical elements that All That Glitters introduced. The second installment to the duology is focused more on society, social justice, and fighting to find one’s voice in the midst of strife.

Gita Trelease is the author of All That Glitters & Everything That Burns. Both books were published and release by Flatiron Publishing, a division of Macmillan. For more information about Ms. Trelease and what’s she is currently working on, visit her website at

Both of these ebooks were provided to me by Flatiron Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Receiving these materials has in no way affected my review.

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