Let it Snow by Cassie Cross (eARC)

Photograph features a wooden background with gold and red Christmas ornaments and a pine cone in upper right      Available now is written in white letter to the left   Book cover is center   Cover features cartoonish renderings of a man and woman embracing in a kiss with snowfall around them.
Photo courtesy of InkSlingerPR.

Let it Snow is a short sweet look at what can happen when people are forced into one of my favorite romance trope: “but there’s only one bed” and the resultant friends-to-lovers scenario that blooms.

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Amy is a twenty-something Texas transplant by way of Connecticut who loves Christmas and is a big fan of snow. Her best friend Josh is leaving Texas and heading back home for a job opportunity that he just *can’t* pass up. Being that Amy’s job doesn’t pay her well (at all. She has like 4 roommates), Josh suggests that she drive with him across the country to surprise her family for the holidays; no objections, even bought her a plane ticket for a return flight back to Texas after the holidays. What a nice friend.

A good portion of the story takes place in transition: Amy and Josh are driving 10+ hours from Texas to Connecticut so there isn’t much else to do except get them there. Until the blizzard hits, things are pretty much coasting: we’re in Amy’s POV the entire story and she is very much into Josh, but afraid to say something because it could ruin the friendship.

Neither of our characters checked the weather before starting their drive and so they are caught off guard when the flurries of snow suddenly gain some momentum and a blizzard is announced over the radio. The two hunker down in the first motel they can find (which is a very nice one, surprisingly) for the next couple of days to wait out the storm. “This” leads to “that” and “that” leads to (honestly) one of the sweetest NC17 scenes I’ve ever read.

After arriving home and talking things out, the two decide to give their romance and try and would you believe it, it works!

Overall, I thought Let it Snow was a cute story. It’s only about 200 pages so the characters aren’t super developed and the plot line is fairly simple, but I enjoyed it! Snow was a welcome palate cleanser and I’ll definitely be going back to this novella again when I want something short and sweet.

This eARC was provided for me by Inkslinger PR, in conjunction with the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this free copy in now way altered my review of this story. Let it Snow released November 12th and is available now for purchase! Please visit cassiecross.com for more about the author, places to buy her work, and to see what she’s up to now!

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