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Fireborne by Rosaria Munda (ARC)

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It took me nearly a month to read this slightly-larger-than-average book, and I think the main reason why is because I almost felt like I was two books at once. Seem confusing? Let’s unpack this…



Lee sur (rider of) Pallor

Antigone sur (rider of) Aela


~mysterious Tournament attendee*

various side homies


Callipolis. Previously ruled by dragonlords (royalty who were the only persons blessed to have dragons that have been tamed) now more of a v v janky β€œdemocracy” (but is really more of an oligarchy) resulting from a coup turned revolution.

Main dilemma: Outsiders are trying to attack the town. They are more favoring of the old way and want to revert things to how they once were.

Why do we care: The outsider is (technically) the rightful ruler, of the monarchy had continued. Ohh yeah. Said usurper is Lee’s cousin. See all that up there? That’s what I think the first three-quarters of the book are about. Everything was unveiled quite nicely, like peeling open an onion. But then the last fourth of the book happened and I feel like it should have been the start of a book 2?


MCs: Haven’t changed. Same people. Except the mysterious person is now called Julia.

Setting: Would you look at that, still the same.

Main dilemma: This time it’s a bit different. The bad guys from the outside want to Lee to act as an inside man to help them overthrow the government. This bit is about the choice he makes and the repercussions he’ll suffer.

Why do we care? Well at this point, we’re personally invested. We have our own opinions and thoughts about the whole situation. We need to know what our boy is gonna do: turn on his family? Or turn on the man who saved his life?

These questions and more can be answered for the simple task of reading Rosaria Munda’s Fireborne! Available now from Putnam Publishers, it is sure to be a good read!!

Extremely gracious thanks to PenguinTeen and Putnam Publishers for sending me an ARC to read, and asking me to be on their blog tour! I am deeply grateful and honored to have been asked and able to help!

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