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Awk-Weird by Avery Flynn (ARC)

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Factoid 1: I reviewed this book on Goodreads. Check it out here.

Tess is such a lovable character. She is a strong woman who’s had a bit of a darkened past that causes her to see everything as “temporary”; friends, happiness, relationships, everything. So when she ends up pregnant (a very not temporary situation), you’d think her outlook would change, right?

Factoid 2: If you’re a fan of Helena Hunting’s Pucked series, you’ll looove this book. Cole is a hot hockey player. He lives his life with a plan: eat breakfast, go practice, come home. Marry his long term on-again-off-again girlfriend. Have a couple kids…play some hockey. Throwing a baby in to the mix with the wrong woman wasn’t planned, but everyone has to adapt to change right?

Factoid 3: This book is already out for purchase! October 14 (yesterday) marks this book’s release. Hit up Amazon for an ebook copy, and also go to Ms. Flynn’s website to see all of her works!

Did you like my factoids? I thought they were a cute way to pay homage to the book and it’s main character: the bodacious blonde Tess. Awk-Weird was the perfect read for me! It’s sweet, sexy, and a quick read. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that (1) there’s a surprise pregnancy, (2) some v v steeeeeamy hookup scenes, and (3) a whole lot of heart. Definitely give this series of interconnected standalones a try if you like contemporary romance, hot hockey players, and witty banter between characters.

Extreeeeeme big thanks to Entangled Publishing for granting me this free ebook in exchange for an honest review. Awk-Weird releases October 14th. This is the second novel in Avery Flynn’s Ice Knights series. For more information about Ms. Flynn and her books, please visit

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