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Six Goodbyes We Never Said by Candace Granger (ARC)

I DNF’d (did not finish) this book. Usually that’s a bad thing, but not in this case. This book was visceral, so real, so true, I couldn’t continue. TW: this book features characters who struggle with mental health issues. Please consider yourself before reading this work.

I only got about 20% in, and in that small chunk of this work, I felt so validated. I struggle with MDD & GAD. Naima, one of the MC also struggles with GAD, and she has OCD on top of it. I have spoken with friends who have OCD, and based on their experiences, the author did well describing some of Naima’s ticks. Sorting things is a common trait of persons with OCD: it allows them to maintain control over something as small as M&M’s when it seems their life is uncontrollable.

The other character, Andrew “Dew” has a panic attack on the page. I cried reading that scene. I cried after that scene. Not because it was bad, but because it was so real and honest and true to myself. I have often tried to describe to my fiancé who doesn’t suffer with anxiety/have panic attacks what it feels like inside and how draining it is after but words never seem to be enough. Until that scene. I felt that in my bones. I cried with Dew as he was coming down. I felt myself going up as he did.

Overall, this was an amazing book. Though I didn’t finish it, I will shout about this one from the Midwestern rooftops.

Six Goodbyes we Never Said by Candace Granger is due to release on September 24 from St. Martin’s/Wednesday Publishing. I grateful to the publisher for granting me this free ebook via Netgalley for me to read and review. Please visit for links to pre-order the book and to learn more about the author!

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