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Swipe Right For Murder by Derek Milman (ARC)

Where do I even start with this one?! TW: This book deals with loss of a sibling. Infidelity. Age inappropriate relationships. Suicide of a character is mentioned on the page. There’s talk of harming kids. A character dies in front of our MC. Take care of yourself before reading this one.


From the j u m p we are injected into the life and mind of Aidan, a young boy (who is gay!!!) on spring break in New York. He’s a bit bored so we swipe for love and (eventually) we end up in the room of one Mr. Benoît (That’s pronounced Ben-wah)….but then Benoît ends up dead and that’s what starts Aiden on the path of potential villainy, running away, bombs, mistaken identity, and luuuurve. This book features the edge-of-your-seat factor you expect from a thriller with the constant plot twists and loops you’d get from a good psychological horror. The government conspiracy brings this novel full circle and makes one just a little untrusting of technology and the modern day swiping for love we’re all so used to. Derek Milman has written a fast-paced story about being on the run and learning what lengths some will go to in order to accomplish their goals.


Our MC is unapologetically gay. From the jump. He’s out. He’s proud and he’s the target of a secret mission from the bad guys. The references used were good too. I remember seeing Hardy Boys books at the library, although I didn’t read them. I favored the Boxcar children but that’s another topic….


Sometimes I wondered “How thick can you get?” A random, kind, attractive stranger just shows up and you automatically trust him? Come on son.

Extreme thanks to JIMMY Patterson Books for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Swipe Right for Murder is Milman’s second novel. It is due for release on August 6th from the JIMMY Patterson imprint of Little Brown Books for Young Readers.

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