The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai (eARC)

Y’all know I’ve really been feeling romances lately, and this one did not disappoint! The story line was a little predictable, but still super cute. The ONLY reason I withheld the last star was because this was a little slow on the uptake…meaning it took a while to pull me in. Sass and trash with be discussed so scroolll on to the bottom for (mostly spoiler free) closing thoughts.



All the things. Rhiannon. Lakshmi. All the things.

• So there’s the LGBT+ rep from Lakshmi, Rhiannon’s personal assistant. Though she doesn’t have a huge role in the book, it is mentioned that she is LGBT+ and (ahhh) no one has any problems with it! (Just as it should be)

• Katrina is Rhiannon’s silent partner and she deals with mental health issues. Throughout the book, we do read about her going to therapy and trying things on the suggestion of her therapist to make big things smaller and more manageable.


This one is a little draggy. It took a bit longer than I’d hoped for it to really hook me to the storyline and characters, however, once I was hooked, I was all in!



The Right Swipe is a cute story about second chances, stepping out of your comfort zone, and opening your heart so that love can find its way in. Rhiannon is our MC and she’s the CEO & cofounder of Crush, an app that sounds very similar to Bumble with its woman-centered matching process. Her direct market competitors are Swype, a Tinder-like hookup app, and Matchmaker, the eHarmony type brand. She’s been through some rough times and feels that she has to be tough or else things will come crashing down. Queue Samson Lima, ex-NFL player, exceptionally patient man with a rather large chip on his broad Samoan shoulders. He believes in love, and he believes he could have it with Rihannon…but she’s not making it easy. There are some very steamy scenes between Rhiannon and Samson and, oh my gosh, at one point he asks her for consent even though they’d previously had sexual contact. P O C K E T S for healthy sex practices and consent. Each time, every time, even if there was a “last time”.

The Right Swipe is a forthcoming romance novel by Alisha Rai, published by the Harper Collins imprint Avon. It is due for release on July 2nd. I am extremely grateful to Avon & HarperCollins for granting me this eARC via Netgalley.

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