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Antisocial by Jillian Blake (spoilers)

Cover of Jillian Blake’s Antisocial

I recently read one of the books on my Janurary TBR, Antisocial. Alert the presses guys, I actually stayed on course with my TBR. My full review can be found here. Prepare your bodies, bookies, we’ve got a low star review coming. My first read of the year and I got hit with a 2-star. There will be dishing of trash and sass and spoilers BIG TIME, so if you don’t want any of that, skip on down to the bottom for spoiler-free closing remarks. TW: minor slut-shaming, forced outing of gay characters, weed smoking, SWAT raids, and crappy friends being crappy.



None of the characters really connected with me. Jethro almost seemed like a last-minute addition to the story to move things along; and none of Anna’s friends were really fleshed out but her. There were some characters who were hurt by the Knock List. A gay character was outed, and then he proceeded to kick some other gay characters out of the closet too to soften his blow….NOT COOL. A bit of slut-shaming (also not okay) and even some amateur pornography round out the things exposed.


I really appreciated seeing a MC kind of like me in the fact that she has anxiety. Reading the description of a panic attack was a strange balm to my heart knowing that I wasn’t alone. Our MC also made a full turn around at the end in the span of approximately 10 pages. I love a good round character, but maaaan that was a quick circle.



This was the author’s first book and it shows. While the concept she was working with is one that is being used frequently in YA, I don’t feel it was executed well here. (In my opinion), some books you should check out that feature the “secrets getting out and causing problems” troupe, try People Like Us by Dana Mele, One of Us is Lying & Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus.

Today’s question is: What’s a troupe you’re enjoying seeing in books lately?

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